Filofax iPad

Reviewing the Filofax Pennybridge iPad case

I’m working away from home all this week and, in an effort to pack as light as possible, I stripped back on the tech and Filofaxes, simply taking an iPad mini, an A5 Moleskine notebook and the Filofax Pennybridge iPad Mini case.

The latter neatly holds the iPad in a flexible shell, while also holding an A5-ish sized pad. All contained behind a zip, so loose papers don’t get lost. All in all, I really like it. Much, much lighter than carrying around my iPad Air in the Fusion organiser with an A5 Filofax. Not as flexible, in terms of removable pages, but that wasn’t needed this week.

All the same, I think it could be improved. I’d like more space for card slots on the left hand side and Filofax could have made use of the space behind the iPad’s plastic holder. They could also have added an external pocket for a smartphone (though I doubt anything they’d have added would have accommodated my massive iPhone 6 plus!)

I’ll definitely add this to my ‘everyday carry’, making my backpack or briefcase significantly lighter. I fear the A5 Filofaxes might be staying in my home office from now on…

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