The Apple Watch has arrived!

My gadget envy has finally subsided. After watching @FrankDJS enjoy his Apple Watch all this time (not that long, really…) my own Apple Watch Sport arrived yesterday evening.

I, of course, got the delivery notification while sitting in a client’s office waiting for a meeting to begin, so that wasn’t frustrating at all. At. All.

It’s extremely early days, but here are a few photos and some initial thoughts on my experience so far.

First things first, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. Apple have thought of all the details here. It all feels so very solid and high quality. Once you open the outer packaging, your watch is laid out, underneath are hidden the charging cable the amazing new collapsing plug.

Now, this is only relevant in the UK (and countries that use the same plug standard), but the pins on the plug actually collapse back into the plug. It means it’s easier to carry around with you and avoids the risk of one of those pins damaging something else in your bag. Great design and I’ll definitely be buying a few more – one I establish they work with my iPhone and iPads.

Set-up of the watch took a little while. All very simple, but transfer of apps seemed to take longer than it should. After an initial 20 minutes exploring its functionality (i.e. playing with it with childlike wonder), I forgot it was on my wrist. I make that point because, although it’s heavier than my Pebble, it actually feels like a better fit on the wrist.

I’m very glad I went for the larger screen option. It’s a better fit on my wrist and I have more screen real estate to navigate the apps. Not that my eyesight is deteriorating with age….

I’m still getting used to the interface and I think that’ll take some time. But I’ve been able learn from @FrankDJS’s experience so far. Plus a bit of online reading and looking at the videos Apple have provided on their website.

This is really new territory for Apple – wearables are not iPads, iPhones or laptops. They really needed to spend more time explaining how this device could be used in a variety of ways and contexts. I’m looking forward to exploring the health and fitness applications (no marathons!!) and seeing how accurate its tracking is compared to my Fitbit. Which may well become redundant in a few days.

Why wear a pedometer, no matter how small and light, if your watch is doing it for you?

So far, so good. I’ll report back once I’ve a few days of use under my belt.

Or, on my wrist.

6 comments on “The Apple Watch has arrived!

  1. Any chance of a photo or two of the amazing folding plug? The power plug arrangements are the embarrassingly weak link in the user experience in these days of ultra-small, ultra-thin devices and this is the first time I’ve heard that Apple have taken matters into their own hands in this respect. The UK standard 3-pin plug is long overdue for a redesign… but the regulations and approvals necessary seem to have stymied most attempts to do so thus far.


  2. Although large-enough looking, in afraid even my specs wouldn’t help to see all that’s displayed. I keep the iPhone 6 on extra-large type but I still have trouble in apps that don’t make that change for me. OTHERWISE, I think that I’d get one. It’s just gorgeous!


    • MacPsych

      It is definitely a thing of beauty. I’m still getting used to it, but finding it useful already. Will be interesting to see how I eventually end up using it, but I think it’s safe to say it’s a keeper 🙂


  3. matt Dailey

    Did yOur watch come earlier than expected? Mine has an expected arrival between May 29th and June 11th, but I’m really hoping it comes earlier. I too ordered the black apple watch sport edition


    • MacPsych

      Mine arrived early, yes. It was due by May 26th. Hope your one is early too!


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