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Bromptoning by the river

Just in from a lovely potter about on the Brompton. According to the data on @FrankDJS’ Apple Watch, we covered 11.72 miles in about 1 hour, 49 mins. So, not exactly racing about!

We left Canary Wharf and headed to Limehouse, then north along Regent’s Canal. There was a real buzz along the canal, with other cyclists, runners and barge-owners out enjoying the sunshine. After a quick circuit of beautiful Victoria Park, avoiding dogs, joggers and toddlers on bikes, we headed back down the canal and over to Wapping, via the Thames Path and Shadwell Basin.

We were really lucky with the weather – it stayed dry, little wind and sporadic sunshine. Perfect biking conditions for this fair-weather cyclist. And quite a surprise, given it’s a Bank Holiday – when the weather tends to be arctic and wet.

We also saw a nice bit of nature – lots of wildlife out and about in the sun. The local swans were out in Shadwell Basin, geese and swans lined Regent’s Canal and we got close to a heron in the ornamental canal in Wapping.


It was great to be back on the bike and, considering I abused my joints during the marathon last week, I’m not feeling too bad at all. I made sure we took it easy, barey breaking a sweat. Time to start planning some longer excursions as we head into the nicer weather.

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