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Checking out Crossrail Place

Although the train service is still some years away, the shopping mall and gardens built on and around Canary Wharf’s Crossrail Station have started to open.  So we wandered over yesterday, after a trip into the West End, to check out Crossrail Place.

There’s a nice selection of new restaurants and shops on the way, some already open and on my “must-try” list (Hello, Breakfast Club!). But the most enjoyable facility is the garden on top of the station. It’s a welcome stretch of green in the midst of some pretty large buildings.

It reminds me of the gardens set over Canary Wharf Tube station and Jubilee Place, except covered. Winding paths, set across a rectangular shape. The triangular shapes making up the windows and roof, combined with the light colour of the wood used, creates a really airy space.

I think this is going to be a very popular spot on the Wharf once the station opens up. Plenty of places to sit down in comfort and take a break from the usual Canary Wharf rush. But maybe too popular? Yesterday was busy, due to the novelty factor and the fact that launch organisers were giving out free champagne, candy floss and waffles!

(I had none of the above…the queues were off-putting. Plus, I don’t drink. And I hate candy floss…)

I wonder what it will be like in a couple of months. Canary Wharf needs all the green spaces it can hold on to right now!

And wandering around Crossrail Place, I also wondered how they’re going to link it with Poplar across the A1261 (I admit, I had to look that up!) and DLR tracks. Anything to break down the barriers between Canary Wharf and its neighbours can only be a good thing.

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