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Awaiting the Apple Watch

So, incredibly predictably, I ordered an Apple Watch sight unseen on April 10th.

Actually, that’s not strictly true. I ordered two.

In all fairness, I delegated the ordering to @FrankDJS, while I dashed to the airport to catch my flight to Barcelona. He logged on at just the right time and snagged one for each of us.

His was a birthday present from yours truly, while mine was simply pure indulgence and a further example of my inability to pass by new Apple products without handing over hard-earned cash.


While mine is yet to arrive (Apple Watch Sport in space grey, 42mm screen), the one for @FrankDJS arrived yesterday. Obviously, I wasn’t at all jealous when I spotted the photo he’d shared of it on his Twitter feed. Not jealous at all.


But I managed to steal it away from him for a few minutes last night and can share the following observations:

  • The screen is stunning. Crisp, bright, easy to read from a distance. It’s just gorgeous.
  • I had to flail around for a while to find apps and understand how to activate things – obviously I didn’t read the instructions, because, you know…
  • The taptic engine (physical buzzing on your wrist) is impressive. I already have a Pebble watch and the Apple Watch vibration is more intense, but makes less noise.
  • Earlier in the afternoon, @FrankDJS called my iPhone from his watch, Dick Tracy style. I guessed it was from the watch, but not based on the quality of the call. While there was a slight delay, the signal and sound quality were excellent.
  • I’m glad I went for the slightly bigger screen. @FrankDJS opted for the smaller and I find it a little cramped.
  • The build quality is excellent and it makes my Pebble look like an amateur weekend project. Sorry Pebble! It feels solid but it’s also light on the wrist.

I don’t even have an update on when mine is shipping, so I’ll just have to enjoy it vicariously through the one firmly strapped to @FrankDJS right now. Further thoughts and observations as and when I have time to play around with his…

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