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Religious vested interests, perhaps?

Might I suggest that job security might be on the minds of ‘Religious Education’ teachers calling for even more religious teaching in schools?

Developing young people’s “religious literacy” would help to make them less vulnerable to radicalisation, a conference will hear later.

“Good religious education has never been more needed,” Ed Pawson, chairman of the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education, will say.

But pupils will miss out unless the government addresses a shortage of RE teachers, he will warn.

The government said training bursaries would help to recruit more RE staff.

Might I also suggest that this time could be far better spent on countering the hateful, sexist, homophobic and brutal stone-age teaching of major religions?

The government said RE was a “vital part” of its plan to prepare young people for life in modern Britain by helping children to develop an understanding of the different faiths and cultures which make up our society.

Further, couldn’t the time be best spent on core life skills, so that children can leave school being able to read, write and deal with numbers? Personal finance, for example. More time on careers planning? Sex and relationships education.

In fact, on reflection, I can think of dozens of activities that would benefit schoolchildren far more than time spent learning about myths, legends and superstitions.

How about religious teaching is kept to the home, church, synagogue and mosque? Radicalisation won’t stop when kids spend more time learning about religion.

It will be countered when their own parents and religious ‘leaders’ stop filling their head with medieval nonsense and they realise that nobody has a right not to be ‘offended’.

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