Manflu misery

I’m getting the reference to “manflu” in before anyone else. But seriously, ugh… I’m ill. I got up early Monday and went out for a very comfortable 13km training run. I enjoyed every minute of it and as I was reflecting on my route, while in the shower, I sneezed.

The rest is history. By the time I got into the office, I was running a temperature and had an incredibly some throat. This was soon accompanied by aching limbs and a headache that would floor a large mammal. I went home early, eating various pills and potions to deal with the discomfort, and went straight to bed.

Foolishly, I ventured back out on Tuesday (I was lecturing at University, couldn’t cancel) and Wednesday (had a meeting that involved lots of people, couldn’t cancel) and paid the price. It’s the kind of dose that allows you to feel awful in the morning, human in the afternoon, but then like death from about 5pm.

After an 11am to 3pm meeting on the Wednesday, during which I presented pretty much non-stop, I was left like a broken man. Home to bed, unable to speak, followed by a fitful night of broken sleep and high temperature.

Thursday was spent working from bed, dozing when required. I’m glad that my incredibly broken voice was a source of hilarity for others on Skype, but those two calls were the totality of my verbal communication all day.

Continuing my tendency to ignore all sensible advice, I went out again yesterday morning, to two meetings in the West End. I left home feeling reasonably chirpy, but after the first 15mins of my first meeting, I realised it was a horrible mistake. I found speaking a painful chore and began to cough on my own words, sweating and choking regularly. Luckily, I was meeting lovely people, who were very understanding. But as soon as I was done with the meetings, I hoofed it back home to bed.

I think it’s fair to say, I’ve learned my lesson. I’m not leaving the house all weekend. I need to shake this virus for good and I can’t do that if I keep “popping out” and working. I really need to be healthy for more university lecturing on Monday and to get back into my training schedule for the London Marathon. Last week’s epilepsy setback was frustrating enough, but two weeks off is beginning to worry me…

Last night was my low point. My symptoms list extended as follows:

  • Headache
  • Cough (exacerbating the above)
  • Aching joints
  • Sore throat, inability to swallow
  • Ear ache

After taking some rather effective flu tablets, imported from our last trip to the US (over the counter meds in the US seem to be mega-powerful, compared to what I can source here in London), I was ready to fall asleep. This was a shame as I wanted to stay awake to watch two tv shows in particular. But I was nodding like an old guy on a long bus journey and regularly closing my eyes, so I crawled into bed and switched on the TV.

I don’t remember much after that, except for @FrankDJS coming to bed at some point. I slept on and off through the night, only woken up by my cough. I’m still in bed now and don’t plan venturing far at all today. I’d love to do something about my massive reading list, but I can’t look at print for more than a few minutes before it starts to blur and I close my eyes.

I think this weekend is going to be about Arrow Season 3 and sleeping. And maybe some comics.

4 comments on “Manflu misery

  1. Sympathy. After my partner went down with the lurgy on New Years’ Eve, I caught it from him and showed the first symptoms about 5 days later. Both of us are still coughing… locals in the West Country are referring to it as ‘six week cough’. Exhausting, and depressing. I hope you manage to head it off at the pass!


    • Yikes! I hope it’s not that. I’ve lots to do and am already bored with this cough after just a few days. Here’s hoping! And hope you manage to shake that cough of yours soon too.


  2. You’ve been very quiet since the lurgy struck… I hope I was wrong about 6 week cough!


    • Thanks Paul! I’m all recovered, just haven’t been very active on this blog. Spending more time over at Tumblr at Thanks for checking in – it was a lot shorter than the much-feared 6 week cough.


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