New Year’s Eve by the river

After reviewing everything I liked about 2014, I turned my attention to seeing out what was left of it in my own favourite way.

Staying at home in the warmth, with good food and excellent company.

So, @FrankDJS and I opted for dinner at home over trudging through London’s streets and I cooked us a crown of turkey and some really delicious (if I say so myself) root vegetables.And let’s not forget the final box of mince pies that “needed” to be finished off…

I dipped into the delicious crate of German alcohol-free beer I’d ordered last month and polished off a couple of weissbiers while putting dinner together, catching a couple of episodes of my latest addiction – season one of Arrow – on Amazon video while I pottered about.

All very cosy and relaxing.

Then, with less than an hour before midnights, friends texted to say they were on their way to our neck of the woods to watch the fireworks from the riverside and did we want to come along. It seemed like an excellent idea, despite the cold outside.

I layered up – but did not dress up, as my sweatpants were just too comfortable to change – and we headed downstairs to enjoy champagne, fireworks and great laughs as London welcomed in the New Year.

Canary Wharf is really an excellent place to watch the fireworks and enjoy some less crowded streets. While we didn’t have the riverside to ourselves, it was quiet and populated only by people who had popped out like ourselves.

We saw the superb fireworks over the West End and the City and had a magnificent view of the Shard (which some became referred to as “The Shaft” last night…I’m sure there’s a Freudian explanation) as it lit up and shone out its beacons during the countdown.

There were some local fireworks too, as well as a fleet of paper lanterns floating up into the sky. Very picturesque. But really the iPhone’s camera is not up to recording all of this in near darkness. So I took very few pictures and just enjoyed the moment.

Back home shortly after midnight, it was time to catch up on the TV coverage of the fireworks – we didn’t miss much! – and then to bed. One of the nicest New Years Eves I’ve had in a while. Thanks guys. And here’s to a superb 2015.

Which will start with me finishing off the delicious turkey leftovers in the form of a turkey and stuffing sandwich.

What an auspicious sign of things to come!

2 comments on “New Year’s Eve by the river

  1. What lovely fuds!

    I hadn’t seen the fuds for some (drunken) reason before. Glad I scrolled back!

    I have to wonder, though, at your packets of mincemeat pie! I think you may have liked the one I baked–even as it was gf! Spike surely liked it (as well as everybody but he’s hard to please unless you’re made of cigarettes and beer!).


    • The fuds made the evening very special. I’m no baker, so buy in my mince pies. But I try all the versions so I don’t miss out on anything. If you love bed closer I would have course tried yours…


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