After months of deliberating, I bit the bullet over the weekend and bought myself the new Kindle Voyage from Amazon. I’d been looking at it online since it was made available in the UK, even putting in my “basket” on more than one occasion. But then noticing it had basically sold out and there was a wait until mid-January.

Sad face.

I received a few Amazon vouchers as gifts over Xmas and so, in my own nerdish way, I set myself a daily reminder in ToDoist to check availability of the Kindle and lo and behold, it was there when I went to look on Sunday.

But wait. Why the need for a new Kindle? Don’t I already have a perfectly good Kindle 3G Keyboard model? Well, yes and no. It’s my favourite ever Kindle model, but is showing its age. The battery is rubbish now and every 10 or so pages, the screen goes completely black and I need to refresh and start over.

This is ever so slightly annoying.

But I can’t complain. It was a second-hand purchase from eBay and has received intensive use. Daily, pretty much. I actually downgraded from a Kindle Paperwhite, as I couldn’t get used to the touchscreen and really missed the real buttons to navigate.

In summary, I really think I got my money’s worth from that second-hand Kindle and in no way feel let down by its performance. The 3G keyboard model is a fantastic ereader.

My new Kindle Voyage arrived yesterday while I was out for a run. Since then, I’ve hd the chance to set it up (5mins out of the box) and read a few chapters of a book. A few requisite un-boxing pics below!

So far, I can say the following:

  • It’s super-light – lighter even than the Kindle Paperwhite.
  • It’s fast and responsive
  • The navigation buttons on the sides take a little getting used to
  • The screen is extremely clear and the text is like reading a paperback

My only gripe so far isn’t about the Kindle itself, but the cases that Amazon sells for it. I’m not going to throw it into a bag unprotected, but the recommended cases are both awkward and expensive. Time to look on eBay for something else.

I look forward to plenty of reading in the coming months, especially with all the travel that’s in my calendar already. If you’re a Kindle user, I can (so far) recommend the Voyage as a significant upgrade from existing models. All except the Paperwhite – unless, like me, you missed the physical buttons.

More reflections as I use it…

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