A marathon mince-pie run

Like some sort of crazy person, I went for a run on Christmas morning. To add to the madness, I ran 11.6km across unfamiliar Dutch countryside.

Thank jeebus for GPS and Google Maps is all I can say.

Getting a last minute entry to the 2015 London Marathon has shocked me into action. That and the need to raise £2000! So I couldn’t really justify a morning of just sitting around. After a hotel buffet breakfast, I headed out into the cold.


I had actually planned for some holiday running and brought along some nice new running gear. Which I’m modelling in the above awkward, anxiety-filled photo.

I invested in some new running tights and some long sleeved tops from Decathlon. I can’t fault either. Both very, very comfortable and did a great job of keeping me warm in the inhospitable Dutch countryside.

The thing is, there are no hills. You may be familiar with the flatness of The Netherlands? No hills, but a wind howling across the flats that would cut you in two.

So I managed a fairly okay 10km in 57mins – only getting lost once and almost hit by a bike twice – followed by a much slower 1.6km trying to find my in-laws’ house in the maze of streets in Abcoude.

One hot shower and plenty of stretching later and I felt great. I have to admit, the challenge of finding my way across the countryside was quite fun – much more so than running alongside a major road in London.

Now in Dunfermline, I’m aiming to get another longish run done before heading home to London. And then back into a more regular routine of runs to build up distance. My training for the 2013 Marathon really worked for me, so I’m going to replicate that, but maybe build up distance a little sooner and ensure I do more tapering towards the end.

And in 2015, I’ll make sure I don’t get tripped up halfway through the race and also that I don’t have a business flight planned for the first thing the following morning!!

If you’d like to help my fundraising efforts, you can do so via my Just Giving site. Every single pound/euro/dollar will help the efforts of Epilepsy Action to de stigmatise Epilepsy and provide valuable information and support to people with Epilepsy, as well as their carers.


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