Setting the target

As per my last post, I’m working towards a big goal: completing the 2015 London Marathon on April 26th. Not to be taken lightly.

After my last marathon experience, I’m looking simply to finish injury-free and faster than my first time of 4:51. Not too much of a stretch, hopefully. I’d love to get in for about 4:30 or faster. But we’ll see how training pans out.

I kicked off training yesterday with a nice 5km run around Canary Wharf in the Winter sunshine. “Nice” because I felt very flexible and confident – no stiffness in “the knee” – and because I made it around in a comfortable 26mins. I could have kept going, but had things to do and also didn’t want to overdo it after a few weeks of no running.

So I have a training plan in my calendar, all working towards the big day in April, as well as a sponsorship page up at JustGiving, so I can raise money for Epilepsy Action. I’m easing up from 5km this week and bravely anticipating some running over the Christmas holidays.

I’ll keep you all appraised of progress here on, hopefully avoiding boring you in the process.

If you can spare a pound, click here and help me help Epilepsy Action.

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