Exciting and petrifying

Wow. I had all but given up on the idea of running a marathon in 2015, when I got the call. One of the very nice people over at Epilepsy Action got in touch this afternoon to ask me if I wanted to have one of their charity places for next year’s London Marathon.

I said yes in a heartbeat (two quick heartbeats, really) then scanned my diary for any potential conflicts. Thankfully, I was free, so now I’m looking towards April 2015 with a mixture of trepidation and glee.

Trepidation in that I have less time than I’d like to get marathon ready – yet it’s still do-able. I ran the Royal Parks Half-Marathon in October, injury free and enjoyed every step. Could have kept running, in fact.

But still. Can you ever have too much time to prep for a marathon?

So yes, some trepidation.

But also, glee. I’m excited to have the opportunity to kick the ass out of my one and only marathon time. I ran the 2013 London Marathon in 4:51, due to being tripped up half-way through. And of course, the ensuing knee surgery was an absolute laugh-a-minute, not to mention the physio.

Not one of my best races. Considering I’ve run a half-marathon in 1:42. So pretty much anything I do – while avoiding clumsy runners – will ensure I cross the line quicker than in 2013.

(I sincerely hope I haven’t just set myself up for massive disappointment.)

And the quid pro quo here is my need to raise some valuable funds for the excellent work Epilepsy Action do. I live with epilepsy and so I know first-hand the support they can provide to people living with this most common of neurological disorders.

I’m very lucky in that I can live a full and enjoyable life, despite the occasional seizure. Many people with epilepsy can’t.

I’ll be setting up a fundraising drive for this run in the coming days and would welcome anything – anything – you can give in support. Every pound or dollar will be welcome and put to good use.

Meanwhile, I’ll get training like a madman (in a healthy, sustainable style obviously) and keep you up to date on my progress here.

5 comments on “Exciting and petrifying

  1. Nice one. I’ll sponsor you!


  2. karl kenny

    Fair play to you. Im pretty sure that you can beat your previous time. You say you are looking for pounds or dollars-as I have neither(only euro) I won’t be sponsoring you, he he. Only joking, count me in. That is a short time to prepare for a marathon, but you can do it.


    • Thanks Karl! Really appreciate thr support. And ill even take euro. I’d have to think twice about rubles though…


  3. Thanks again guys – you can now donate to my fundraising via


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