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Lording it over us!

While the government cuts whatever services it can get it hands on and warns us that, after the next election, there will be even more cuts “on a colossal scale”, their colleagues in the House of Lords are jut as out of touch as ever.

The Guardian today reports that attempts to save money in Westminster by combining the catering services of the House of Commons and House of Lords. This was rejected by the esteemed and wonderful Lords “because the Lords feared that the quality of champagne would not be as good if they chose a joint service”.

What a shower of absolute out of touch bastards. All of this while the Palace of Westminster is quite literally falling apart.

I’m once again reminded of my fundamental frustration with the existence of the House of Lords. Apart from including Bishops, whose only qualification is that they believe there is an almighty creator in the sky, responsible for everything, the Lords add little value and the house serves as a dumping ground for failed politicians and friends of government.

An elected Senate – if an upper house is required – would be preferable, full of professionals and representative of society, to scrutinise legislation and hold the government to account. Not to dress up like it’s still 1800 and treat the House like some sort of exclusive members’ club.

The House of Lords: who do they work for?

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