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Catching up on life

As I’m “home alone” this weekend for the first time in a while, I restarted the long-held tradition of staying up far too late watching crap TV, having made poor meal choices.

I fended off the strong urge to order take-away and instead enjoyed some pulled pork in a baguette, made at home. Stunning. I then descended into a bit of a food coma (there were mince pies involved) and sloped off to bed to watch TV.

Once I’d finished watching “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” (more on that soon), it was already after midnight. I then channel-surfed for a bit and settled on a crap horror flick featuring Starbuck from Battlestar and the captain from Firefly.

Meanwhile, on an impulse, I thought Id try to resurrect the year’s content from this blog that went AWOL when I neglected to back up. Somehow, I found a bunch of content on various internet archive sites and spent an interesting couple of hours copying and pasting old blog posts from 2011 and 2010 into this blog.

Interesting in that I got to read several posts that were meaningful to me, including my first ever half-marathon (seems like an age ago!) and the slow but steady progress I made that year towards completing my Doctorate. And I got there in the end.

But as there was no quick and easy way to import this bucket of memories, I manually copied, pasted and tidied up the content. And sadly, no way to carry over the many comments that accompanied those posts. But still – better than a complete gap for 12 months.

All completed while watching terrible TV. I then settled down to read some of this week’s top comics and fell asleep to the soothing sounds of Andy Ihnatko and Dan Benjamin on a podcast.

Honestly? It was far more enjoyable than it sounds.

2 comments on “Catching up on life

  1. It’s sad that from this post, I’m captivated by ‘Fillion and Dirk Benedict or that broad?’

    But there’s me.


    • You’re right! I should have stipulated. It wasn’t Dirk Benedict, it was Katee Sackhoff, from the reboot.

      Having her character played by Dirk Benedict would have made it a lot more entertaining. Believe me.


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