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Some thoughts on *that* trailer

I won’t lie. It was the first thing I did when I woke up yesterday. I’d received an excited tweet from @Nutchild with a link to the new Star Wars trailer.

I played it immediately, on my iPhone 6 plus. I played it again while still in bed. And then again. I played it once more for good measure while I was shaving. And perhaps once more. Explaining, in part, the very poor job I did of shaving yesterday.

I was – in short – quite excited.

There are mere seconds of activity on the screen. More a collection of tantalising snapshots of scenes and action. But when combined with the score, it had the desired effect. When the Millennium Falcon soared through the skies of Tatooine, my pulse quickened and I felt butterflies in my stomach. Sweaty, sci-fi hands all round.

The colours, the action, the sound effects, but above all the music. Thunderous, majestic and evocative. The Star Wars score is one of the best film scores of all time and JJ Abrams knew what he was doing by including that snippet in the trailer. I imagine every geek’s mouth opened just a little bit more at that point.

Now, I don’t have the patience to go through the minutae of sneak peaks like this trailer. I leave that up to the plethora of more professional blogs who’ll do the hard work for me. But for me, the stand out points to note were:

  • The inclusion of the Millennium Falcon – this needs no further explanation.
  • The minimal use of CGI – the original Star Wars felt gritty and real. The prequels were too CGI-filled and as a result, too artificial and more like a video game than a cinema experience.

I’m hoping beyond hope that these films pick up where Return of the Jedi left off. Not in terms of narrative per se, but more the tone and the focus. The three prequels were such a car crash of mish-mashed nonsense and missed opportunities. They have the chance now to reignite some of that old school Star Wars magic and enthuse a whole new generation of fans.

Maybe we can then all collectively deny the existence of the prequels and move on?

I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up so much, but frankly, December 2015 can’t come soon enough. We shouldn’t wish away our time for future pleasures, but in this case, I’m willing to make an exception. I’m just wondering how many times I’ll go to see it in the cinema if it’s as good as I expect. Seeing as I watched the trailer over a dozen times yesterday.

And now, once more for your collective enjoyment:

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