My very own bucket list

So I turn 40 in 2016. A shock to all of you who have never seen a (recent) photo of me. And, probably, a shock to those of you who have, and assumed I’d passed that landmark long ago.

In typical striving fashion, I’m putting together a list of things I want to do before 40, which I’m calling my “bucket list”. What? Other people call it that too?

Anyway, I’ve decided to share some of it online here and will share my experiences as I complete the tasks. I’m also open to appropriate suggestions for things to include in the list.


So far, I have the following – and you’ll be pleased to see I’ve managed to accomplish one already! I started my own business in September and so far, haven’t run it into the ground.

Take the sleeper train to Scotland
Go camping (anywhere!)
Write a book – fiction or otherwise
Start my own business
Visit Iceland
World naked bike ride in London
Record a podcast
Go hiking somewhere in the UK
Spend a long weekend in Paris
Visit the Finnish sauna in London
Weekend spa visit to Bath
Visit Venice


Nothing earth-shattering, right? Probably slightly weird from your perspective. Eclectic, definitely. But all things I’d like to do before February 2016. I reckon it’s doable, with a bit of planning. There’s a definite travel emphasis here, but then I do love to travel.

Amazingly, I’ve never gone camping. So I’d like to do that – preferably in the sun. With adequate toilet facilities and access to running hot water. You can see why I’ve never done it before…

And despite trying NaNoWriMo more than once, I’ve yet to complete writing a book. Such a cliche! But I’m thinking my strengths might lie in non-fiction, so that’s what I’ll try next.

On the other hand, I’ve already booked a weekend in Bath and another in Paris – both will be ticked off the list by the end of January next year. I’ve never enjoyed Paris as a tourist – only ever on business. And Bath will feature one of my passions – spas and hot springs! Hence also wanting to experience the Finnish Sauna in London.

I’ve already enjoyed a Japanese onsen, so that doesn’t even make the list anymore. Even though I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Yes, you’ve probably noticed it already. The outlier. The riskiest one.

The World Naked Bike Ride. I’m not an exhibitionist (really) but I’d like to do something like this as a last hurrah while still in my 30s. And there’s comfort in doing it alongside hundreds of other people.

Do it alone and you’d be arrested.

I’ve seen it twice now and it looked like so much fun. A solid two fingers to po-faced notions of propriety and social norms.

So, what should I add to the list…?

(Braces self for a torrent of inappropriate suggestions which I’ll get really excited about)



5 comments on “My very own bucket list

  1. A few days in sunny,lovely Tel Aviv?


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