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Weak as water

So I failed. And it didn’t take long.

After proclaiming that I was going to avoid all Xmas-related food until at least 1st December, I’ve fallen at my own first hurdle.

My mum came to stay with us for a long weekend and (generously) brought us some lovely Scottish smoked salmon and a metaphorical mile-high pile of delicious mince pies.

These are my own kryptonite. My mince pie-related willpower is predicated on a total absence of mince pies in my vicinity.

That’s why I don’t buy them and foolishly promise myself that I won’t open them until closer to Xmas. When it comes to mince pies, I have zero willpower or self-control and practically have to be dragged away from them once I’ve spotted them.

I’m weak.

So the mince pies were opened the very same day. And they were very, very good.

But I can’t really blame my mother – for a start, I’m not a psychoanalyst – as I kicked off this tsunami of seasonal food consumption with the purchase of a Pret a Manger Xmas sandwich while I was waiting for her at City Airport.

Holy hell, it was delicious.

Not at all surprising that it’s been voted the best xmas sandwich once again. It’s like a party in my mouth and lots of turkey and cranberries have been invited.

So it seems like the seasonal consumption of calories in the form of party food has already begun. It’s pointless denying it. I can only try to limit the damage.

Unfortunately, I’ve another 12 mince pies in the cupboard waiting for me to finish them off. The best I can do is attempt to share them with others.

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