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Seems like a charming man

Nigel Farage’s UKIP have managed to maintain a technical grouping (Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy) in the European Parliament by convincing a Polish MEP to join them.

Boy, he seems like a charmer.

According to the Guardian:

For instance, he thinks women’s opinions are shaped by the sperm of the men they sleep with, that they are “on average” less clever than men, and that nearly half of women who tell a man they don’t want to have sex with them are feigning reluctance and should be ignored.

Korwin-Mikke, 72, is an extreme libertarian. A veteran with half a century’s political experience, he throws out his bizarre views in rapid-fire sentences, broken by the easy smile of a man used to deference, which only makes them seem more disturbing. There is no proof Hitler knew about the Holocaust, he has argued for years, and he told the Observer that Mussolini, who stripped Jewish citizens of property and civil rights, then sent thousands to German concentration camps, “was trying to protect Jews”.

Just the kind of open-minded thinking that Farage’s UKIP supporters will welcome into their fold.

Is there any depth to which this cretin will not sink to extract money from the European Parliament?

He’s getting into bed with Holocaust deniers now – what’s next?

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