Review: The Hobbit

After seeing the trailer for the third instalment of the Hobbit saga at the cinema yesterday, I realised I’d never seen any of these films. The third one looks okay, actually and I might go and see it.

But only if I’ve managed the first two parts.

Well, I’ve literally just switched off the first part, so here’s what I think. The film, while gorgeous to look at with some amazing special effects, could easily have been edited down to a neat 90 minutes. It was most definitely strung out and some scenes just lost their energy as they went along.

Some scenes were seemingly (to me, a non-Hobbit expert) inserted at random and added nothing except to demonstrate the skills of the SFX team.

It wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t fantastic. But of course now I’m having flash-backs to the ass-numbing length of the Lord of the Rings movies and I can see where it started. (Even though these are prequels – no hateful pedantic comments, please).

I’ll watch the second instalment on a suitably slow and rainy weekend afternoon or evening. I watched today’s instalment courtesy of Netflix, on my 27” Mac. So yes, it might have been a more appealing experience if it had been on my larger TV.

But I’m not entirely sure.

Consider this a reserved judgement until I’ve seen part two.

Which mightn’t be for a while.


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