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Go home, weather. You’re drunk.

Seriously? It’s 31st October and it’s 21C and sunny in Central London. Whaaaa?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I checked the weather before I left home and wasn’t caught out.

I also managed to fit in two lovely long walks in the sun between meetings. From More London, across Tower Bridge and up to Bishopsgate.

But will this last all weekend? Probably not. So get it while you can. Winter has lost the plot, so let’s all take advantage and pretend it’s still July.

I for one will be clocking off early today.

2 comments on “Go home, weather. You’re drunk.

  1. stevemorton

    Bonkers weather here as well today, last day of October and in a short sleeve shirt 25 degrees! Me thinks we might be in for a shock when it really does get cold!


    • I know. And I put away all my summer gear last month. Thought it was time to unpack the coats ans sweaters for Autumn. This all might make the Autumn/Winter seem shorter. Maybe.


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