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Mixing digital and paper…again

While out at Ryman’s stocking up on home office supplies, I stumbled across this little beauty. It’s a combined Filorax / iPad Air case and I snapped it up immediately.

(My 20% off coupon, courtesy of @FrankDJS, made this decision a lot easier).

It takes A5 Filofax paper and accessories, which fit into a completely removable ring-binder. It has a zip enclosure which keeps the internals secure, with a single external slip pocket.

Underneath the removable binder, there’s a handy see of card slots and pockets. There’s also a lot to hold an A5 pad which will accommodate any pad that sits vertically. Importantly, this doesn’t need to be Filofax paper, which is useful as I recently acquired a stack of very, very cheap HEMA A5 pads which are perfect for scribbles, notes and scratch-paper.

While it’s bigger than any other Filofax I’ve owned, I like it a lot. For me, it represents a useful mix of paper and digital productivity. I got an iPad Air while in Tokyo last month, primarily because it’s so light. (That and the virtual redundancy of my iPad Mini once I had an iPhone 6 Plus).

The iPad doesn’t add a huge amount of weight to the Filofax and, as long as I’m choosy as to the paper that I keep in the binder, it shouldn’t get too heavy. For a start, I took out the diary and contacts pages that were included. This short of information is covered by my iPad. The binder is now set up with various kinds of note-paper, which I’ve divided up according to the projects I’m working on right now.

In terms of keeping paper to a useful minimum, I spent a useful couple of hours yesterday emptying my various binders and notebooks of contents I want to keep: notes, conference materials, flyers etc. All scanned into Evernote and then shredded/binned as appropriate. My A5 Original was half its weight by the time I’d finished. So it’s probably a good idea to do this weekly, at least.

Will this replace all my other Filofaxes?

No, because sticking to the A5 size means it’s easy and very quick to move between one and another. My A5 Original now seems to be my lightest, followed by the A5 Finsbury. You could argue that a man really only needs one Filofax. But that is rational thinking and, as we all know by now, my relationship with paper and Filofaxes in particular is not at all rational!

2 comments on “Mixing digital and paper…again

  1. Great to read your posts written from a male prospective. The Filofax blogging world seems to be almost totally dominated by women these days! There are others of us out here mixing analogue and digital, contemplating the iPhone 6 Plus and new iPad Air yet still needing to keep some paper organisation!


  2. It makes sense to have a binder that accommodates both. Hard to believe nobody did it before.


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