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A brief moment of weakness


Yesterday in Tesco, I actually picked up a box of their “finest” Mince Pies and almost put then in my shopping basket.

Let’s think about that for a moment.

It wasn’t even the end of October and I was considering buying some “traditional” Xmas food, bringing it home and sticking it in my pudgy little face. All while I’m trying to shift some of my not-quite-recently-accumulated podge through better diet. And a minimal amount of exercise.

At the same time, I instantly conjured up a mental image of me sitting back at home with two of the buggers sitting invitingly on a small plate. I won’t lie: it was a very inviting image.

For those of you (who are you?!) who haven’t tried the delicacy known as mince pies, fear not – there’s no meat in them. Not anymore, anyway. They’re basically 99% butter, the remainder being sugar, dried fruit and a selection of delicious E-numbers. They go well with cups of tea, glasses of mulled wine and any activity where you’re keen on maximising your calorie intake in as short a time as possible.

I stopped. I thought about what I was doing. And I put them back on the shelf.

Seriously. Mince pies before Halloween? Before November? Before even the start of December?

Damn you, Tesco and your too-easily-available Xmas treats. But well done me for actually putting them back.

I’ll do my best to avoid them until December. No guarantees, though. I’m only human.

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