The Pebble: still loving it

I’m almost a week into using the Pebble and still finding it very useful.

The vibrating alarms are enough to wake me up in the morning and, from my perspective, are a much nicer way to wake up compared to the klaxon alarm on my iPhone.

Notifications from my iPhone arrive flawlessly and keep me up to date without having to haul my iPhone 6 Plus out of some pocket or other. The watch is really light and I don’t realise I’m wearing it until it vibrates.

In terms of apps, I’m using Swarm more than anything else and controlling my music and podcasts from the music player. I installed a Starbucks card app, which a) accurately updates the ‘stars’ I’ve collected with purchases but b) doesn’t register my card’s balance. So… not very useful.

I’m open to suggestions for other useful apps. It’s been a busy week, so I haven’t had a lot of time to research apps etc.

Only a couple of people have actually noticed I’m wearing it and it fits neatly under the cuffs of my shirts. Very glad I opted for the all-black version, as it doesn’t stand out and it slightly more subtle than the red…

I was getting worried that the battery was broken, but I’ve since realised that the battery lasts a hell of a lot longer when you leave the backlight off.

Smartwatch n00b.

Anyway, one week in and I’m still a Pebble fan.

6 comments on “The Pebble: still loving it

  1. I switched to using my fitbit silent alarm (vibrate) about a year ago and LOVE it.

    As a light sleeper, alarms or even gentle music would scare the Bejeebers out of me.

    In case you’re wondering and too much a gentleman to ask, I’ll put it this way: no more sleeping commando as wearing it on the top left hip of my bikinis works great. The wristlets freaked me out.


  2. Ooo, meant to say, it’s interesting reading about the smartwatch but I don’t even like bracelets (see where wristlets freaked me out).

    I can see where a Glass kind of thing may work for me, not that I’m going in for that til they’d be as cheap as flat screen tvs are now compared to when they first came out!

    In other news: I might buy a Samsung Note 4 ‘nook’ this week! Hard to not do it cos I’ve loved my HD these 3 years AND almost went for a galaxy 4 last year. I’d be getting it for tablet use only, baby size (8Gb & 32Gb expansion).

    The HD has started acting VERY squirrelly & is taking a lot of coaxing the last 6 months. May be time to drop it to a niece.


    • Exciting! Samsung Note 4 sounds interesting. That comes with a stylus right? I enjoyed the 3. Just too entrenched in iOS now


      • It does not BUT I’d be getting the lite Nook version–not meant as a phablet though 3rd party apps would work as it has fwd & back facing cameras.


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