24 hours with the Pebble

61p-RJ9XSuL._SL1500_If you’re short on time, here’s the skinny: the Pebble is a great little smart watch.

My Pebble arrived courtesy of Amazon Primes yesterday afternoon. I was too busy setting up my new home office and dealing with self-assembling furniture (yes, all this after running the Royal Parks half-marathon – I’m obviously some kind of Superman…), so I didn’t get to unbox it and set it up until long after the sun had gone down… Quite stressful for this gadget-obsessed hobbit, I can tell you.

But when I did, it took all of 10 minutes. Really. Charge it up, download the Pebble app from the iTunes store, pair the two devices and you’re good to go. It was super quick and super easy.

As of last night, I’ve been able to receive all kinds of notifications on my Pebble (ToDoist reminders, notifications from Twitter and Google+) as well as read text messages and Evernote notes (really!). I’m also able to control the music and podcasts playing on my iPhone. Especially useful as I carry the ma-hoosive iPhone 6 Plus in an inside jacket pocket most of the time.

It’s extremely comfortable. I went with the original version, not the metal one. It’s lighter than my existing watch (a Mondaine) and I barely notice I’m wearing it – until it vibrates with a notification. I experimented last night by using it as my sole alarm clock. After turning off notifications, as I didn’t want to be woken up every time someone tweeted me overnight, I set my morning alarm on the phone and went to sleep.

2014-10-13 20.28.43

Sure enough, 6am rolled around and I was woken up by the quite strange feeling of my left wrist buzzing violently. I’ll definitely be using this as a handy back-up to my standard iPhone alarm on mornings when an on-time exit from bed is crucial.

So, yes. So far, I’m very happy with the Pebble. The battery seems great and it doesn’t seem to have too much of an impact on my iPhone’s battery – they connect using Bluetooth, which will drain your battery to some extent.

Would I recommend it?

Let’s give it another week of use, so I can see if it’s still fun and entertaining once the initial “magic” of controlling things from my wrist wears off.

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