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The Pebble cometh

61p-RJ9XSuL._SL1500_I’ve finally gone for it and ordered a Pebble smart-watch. I got a very generous Amazon gift card (among other lovely goodies) from my colleagues when I left my job a couple of weeks ago and it’s been burning a virtual hole in my virtual pocket ever since.

The Pebble was on my “someday / maybe” shopping list since it launched and having done a ton of research on it (seriously – there are so many videos and articles about it online now!), I pushed “go” this morning. Amazon Prime means it’ll be delivered tomorrow at some point.

So why now?

The short answer is the iPhone 6 Plus. I simply adore this phone and it has basically replaced my iPad Mini. (I found the Mini in my home office yesterday, neatly stacked between some A5 inserts for my Filofax). I haven’t brought the iPad Mini out of the house since the new iPhone arrived. I’m not saying it’s completely redundant, but if I were the iPad Mini, I’d be polishing my resumé…

I normally carry around my iPhone 6 Plus in my jeans pocket or inside jacket pocket, so having a watch that displays text messages, emails and other notifications will result in a whole lot less removing the 6 Plus from its snug home and getting it out in public. And seriously – on some recent tube journeys, the crush has been so bad I wasn’t able to get the phone out of my pocket in the first place!

Damn you London crowds! And damn you skinny jeans pockets!

It’s not exactly a “must-have”, but I’m keen to see what life is like with one of these watches. I know Apple is bringing something out in the new year and I also know it’ll be a lot more expensive than the Pebble. Right now, the Pebble is going for £99 on Amazon, which as far as I’m concerned is an absolute bargain. I estimate the Apple Watch will cost at least three times that. Whenever it launches…

I’ll share some first impressions on the Pebble once I have it up and running. Including photos of it lying on my skinny wrist.

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