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Excellent podcast news

My podcast player of choice, the very excellent Pocket Casts, now offers access to your synced content via the browser.

So, once you have an account set up and you have synchronised your podcasts between devices, you can also log in via desktop browser and keep listening. If you’re an existing used, just go to and log in with your existing account information.

Bam! All of your favourite podcasts are available, right where you left off on your mobile device. So you can come home, take off your earphones and plug your iPhone in to charge. In the next room, fire up your browser and Pocket Casts will have the same podcast ready to roll from the point at which you left off.


This is really timely as I was just wondering the other day how I could avoid using Apple’s own Podcast app and continue to have seamless listening with Pocket Casts.

I’m taking advantage of the 30-day free trial right now, but I’m positive I’ll be paying the very reasonable $9 once the trial is over to keep listening. Especially as my new 27″ iMac (oh yes) is plugged into some great speakers on my desk. Listening to my various geeky podcasts is much nicer without earphones when I’m in my home office.

If you’re a podcast aficionado, and you use Apple’s own app, I encourage you to give Pocket Casts a try. You won’t regret it – it’s fast, easy to use and so intuitive. Everything Apple seem to have left off their to-do list when designing their own app…

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