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iPhone anticipation

This is a familiar tale. A very familiar tale to anyone who knows me or has been reading this blog for more than a year.

A new iPhone was due to be launched (two, in fact!) and as a result (no free will here, folks!) I expended a serious amount of concentration staying up into the wee small hours to see the keynote expounding its virtues. I then of course caught a serious dose of “must-have-itis” and spent an interesting hour in Tokyo attempting to reserve an iPhone 6 Plus online, via my iPhone 5S and a shaky internet Starbucks connection in Harajuku.

It was not my finest hour.

I tapped on that refresh button on the browser like a confused pigeon in psychology lab, stress hormones coursing through my body like a raging flood. Only when I got a confirmation email from Apple did life refocus into some kind of normality. @FrankDJS know exactly what I’m talking about – he was doing the same thing across the table from me!

That was on Friday 12th, almost immediately after which, I put all thoughts of the new iPhone out of my mind. I was returning to work after a two-week break, while also preparing for all kinds of new work awesomeness, beginning October 1st (more on this in due course).

But then came Friday 19th and the official launch of the iPhone 6. People all over the world began to pick up their new phones and the “hands on” reviews started percolating through the internets. I saw videos of tech journalists fondling the very phone I was awaiting. (If you’re interested, the Verge video review of the iPhone 6 Plus is really quite good. And for me, the tech equivalent of a teaser trailer.)

In short, I began to get excited. My emails from Apple pointed to quite a delay before I would get the phone. Apparently the ‘Plus’ models are in seriously short supply. I was originally due to get mine some time during the first week of October. But updates began to arrive, hinting at an earlier arrival.

Then – magically – the email confirming dispatch!

Oh my heart. The excitement really kicked in at that point. I began to track its progress from China via the UPS website like a man obsessed. Apple emailed me Friday  confirming that the phone would actually be with me yesterday. In fact, they were ‘delighted’ to tell me this. I was indeed delighted to know.

Once again the refresh button on my browser got a hammering as I stayed in for most of the day wondering when UPS would turn up. Their website said any time between 9am and 7pm. As the day progressed, hope faded like a post-Scottish referendum ‘Yes’ balloon and by 6pm I gave up all hope.

While Apple emails were full of hope and brilliance, the UPS website stubbornly failed to concur and continually informed me that my iPhone was in Incheon, Korea. Even in my most optimistic frame of mind, I couldn’t imagine how a plane could get from Korea to London quick enough to meet Apple’s predicted arrival time. (I tried, believe me. My preferred scenarios involved either a TARDIS or a friendly member of Starfleet).

It’s funny how the mind works.

On Thursday, I was happy with a delayed, but guaranteed arrival of the new phone. I was perfectly happy with using my iPhone 5S until then, after which I would hand it over for resale elsewhere. But as soon as there was a hint that it would arrive earlier, I was frantic. I had the brain of a toddler or a particularly thick thoroughbred dog.

Anyhoo, UPS now tell me it left Korea overnight, so there’s every chance it could be with me tomorrow. And that will be fantastic. Monday evening will be spent setting it up, getting used to its enormous size and probably taking a photo or three.

Interestingly, @FrankDJS received his phone on Friday, as well as the covers he ordered earlier in the week. Looking at the iPhone 6 Plus leather cover I got from Apple was an interesting experience. Putting it side by side with my iPhone 5s case was….revealing.

Adjusting to the size of my new phone is going to take a while. Good thing I’m a fan of the man-bag.

4 comments on “iPhone anticipation

  1. My iPhone6 (just the regular, not the plus) arrived at my door on Friday. (Ordered from Vodafone on a 12 month contract.)

    At first the size seemed hard to manage but I’m pretty much there now. Still not easy to flip between portrait and landscape one handed, without worrying about dropping it but not as hard to wield as I’d feared after the first couple of hours.

    I would still be happier with a version of this phone in the size of the old one (maybe the iPhone 6 minus?) but it is still very nice. It’s a long way from the cheaply made Samsung things with similar sized screens.


    • Good stuff. I’ve been pining for a bigger iPhone screen, so this is all good news to me. I was out earlier and popped into Carphone Warehouse to have a play with both models – I’m happy with my choice.

      Yes, they definitely feel more solid and well-constructed than the Samsung S models – they’re quite plasticky by comparison.

      Though the Plus *is* quite a step up from the 5S, size-wise. Hopefully it’ll be with me tomorrow evening and I can start getting used to it.


  2. I’ve used Galaxy Note phones for a couple of years and soon adapted to the bigger size. Typing is easier and unless you wear super tight trousers they are pocketable. Hope you enjoy the new phone.


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