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Let’s get this out of the way first. Despite being in an extremely unhepful (relatively speaking) timezone, I stayed awake to watch this week’s Apple keynote launch of their new goodies.

So, being in Tokyo right now, this meant I had to wait up until 2am local time and then watch two hours of badly streamed Apple news, all on a small iPad Mini screen and a less than excellent hotel wifi connection.

Actually, the difficult bit wasn’t staying awake until kick-off, despite a full-on day here. It wasn’t staying awake during the event itself. It was actually getting to sleep once the keynote was over and a serious bout of “new Apple gadget” excitement was buzzing around in my brain.

Sad, I know.

So. To business… Will I or won’t I be getting a new iPhone?

Yep, I’ll be getting a new iPhone. I don’t think there’ll be any surprise at that. Between the models available, I’m almost positive I’ll go for the iPhone 6 Plus, with 128 GB of memory. I love the idea of a bigger screen and the promised better battery. I also like the way the bigger model includes some iPad-type interface design when turned to landscape orientation.

I’ve already sold my iPhone 5s online, to a well-known trade-in site, and am happy with the cash offered for it. I’ll be ordering my new phone at midnight Cupertino time Friday, which is helpfully 4pm here in Tokyo. No big hassle there!

(Incidentally, I’m not looking to upgrade with Vodafone – I haven’t got my handset from the mobile carrier in years, as I don’t want to be tied to a locked down version of the nadset. Plus, sim-only monthly plans are very, very good deals. Finally, resale value is higher if the handset isn’t “locked”.)

I’m very glad Apple didn’t announce the launch of the Apple Watch for next week as well, though. I’d be broke! I’m almost certaily going to get one, for various reasons. But with a 2015 launch, I can start to save up now. I’m looking forward to learning more about what the watch can and can’t do over the coming months.

In the interim, I used a very favourable exchange rate and lower prices here in Tokyo to get myself a new iPad Air. All tech loveliness aside, I saved myself a small fortune and received the best ever customer service.

The team in the Apple Store in Shibuya were *amazing* and couldn’t have been more helpful.

Including their excellent recommendation for a Tonkatsu restaurant around the corner.

We went and it was fantastic – thanks guys!

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