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Regent’s Canal Run


I popped out for a lunchtime run as I’m working from home today. Looking at the clouds overhead, I was in two minds, but I’m glad I made the effort. I retraced my steps and travelled a little way up Regent’s Canal.

Other runners, cyclists and random toddlers aside, the biggest obstacles to a quick run were the frankly aggressive geese and swans along the canal. At several points, everyone human was having to veer up onto the bank from the path, just to avoid them. They were gathered like teenage hoodlums, staking their territory and daring any of us to get in their way. Big fellas.

I felt sorry for one woman who had decided to come down and feed the ducks. The geese soon made short work of the ducks, sending them off in a flurry of wings, splashes and squawks. They then slowly and menacingly bore down on the woman with the bread, who handed it over like she was being mugged.


The new ASBO targets of East London.

A good run, faster than my last. I’m hoping for another couple of 8km runs, then it’s up to 10km. I don’t want to up my distance too much, too quickly. All working towards October 12th and the Royal Parks half-marathon, which I’m running for Epilepsy Action. If you’re so inclined, you can sponsor me here.

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