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Drugs are bad, M’kay?

Yesterday, I was hit with a dose of hay fever that almost incapacitated me. Seriously. I met @Nutchild and @FrankDJS for some BBQ at Bodean’s at Tower Hill and spent most of the meal preparing to sneeze, bracing myself for a sneeze, sneezing and recovering from a sneeze.

All while trying to avoid sharing my allergy-tinged mucus with my dining companions. And dealing with the tissue-related detritus piling up around me. Attractive it was not.

I had taken my usual antihistamines, but they weren’t doing the trick. So, I did the only sensible thing and self-medicated: upping my dose by taking my night-time tablet early. And then repeating this when I got him, forgetting I’d taken an earlier one. And then taking a Niquil tablet, imported from the US, to help me sleep.

Help me sleep, it did. Too much, in fact.

I was woken up at 0900 this morning and, despite washing, dressing and getting on the tube, didn’t actually wake up properly until about 1100, when I was breaking my rule and having a coffee with breakfast. It just about scratched the surface of my drug coma.

I really only felt truly awake once I’d had some lunch at my favourite haunt: Yo! Sushi in Selfridges.


Owing to a later than usual breakfast, I was surprisingly reserved and only had two plates. The usual delicious pickled aubergine and a plate of garlic teriyaki beef. Pictured below.

Actually, it wasn’t all down to breakfast. I also ate my own body-weight while at Bodean’s last night: BBQ chicken wings, a large “Soho Special”, followed by chocolate muffin and ice-cream. To say I waddled home would be an understatement.


It will definitely be a small dinner tonight – I’m not built for this kind of abuse to my digestive tract. Bodean’s (the way I eat it, anyway) is a once a month treat, if that.

I’m still eating the anti-histamies, as it seems that pollen levels are off the scale in London right now. As such, I’ll probably drop off for an unplanned snooze at any point. It’s like seeing my twilight years – eating too much, popping pills and falling asleep at any time of the day.

Sounds quite nice, actually.

9 comments on “Drugs are bad, M’kay?

  1. So sorry!

    I take daily Zyrtec for avoidance of issues (living in the boonies — the REAL wilderness means I’m covered by DEET and allergy meds 9-12 mos/yr) but lately, whatever is blowing in the wind means I’m double dosing with added Benadryl. I woke this morning, sneezing! Getting old with the additional stuff.


    • Sounds awful! I really thought I’d outgrown it, but it’s back with a vengeance. I’m sure London air pollution doesn’t make it any better.

      It’s a killer, as I’d much prefer to be outdoors when the sun is shining like this.


  2. Just as bad in the sticks (oxford)… Very much approve of your self medicating with sushi and Chinese!


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