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Meandering by the river

I spent most of this afternoon cycling around by the river. From Canary Wharf along the Thames Path, through Limehouse and Wapping out to St. Katherine Docks.

The sun was out, the bike needed an airing and I was keen to avoid staying in all day – despite the symptoms of chemical warfare my hay fever seemed to represent. Dosed up to the eyeballs on antihistamines (delicate flower that I am) @FrankDJS and I began our wander out westwards. With him walking, I was challenged to maintain a similar pace on the bike, but it’s all good practice for negotiating slow moving traffic.

We encountered another Brompton rider, out for a test drive on a lovely looking orange version of my own M3L. I’m still a little sad I didn’t go for a brighter colour over black – the orange in particular looks great. Maybe on the next model…

It was great to feel the sun on my face and to stop now and then to take a quick picture of anything interesting or striking. After a relaxing drink and a chat with a friend at St. Katherine Docks, we headed back, taking a slightly different route to see the progress at the old New International plant in Wapping. In short, they’re tearing it down quick-style. Can’t wait to see the developing that’s going to take its place.


I took the above shot from the western end of Shadwell Basin, looking back towards Canary Wharf. There were the usual fishermen, but also groups enjoying barbecues and even some people swimming – something I’ve never seen before. Not sure exactly how clean the water is or how safe it is, but they looked like they were having fun.







Over at St. Katherine Docks, the place was (as usual) busy with tourists and groups of foreign students from language schools. The latter travel in packs, so it was usually easier to walk with my bike than to try and cycle it. I took a quick pic of the ‘Gloriana’, which you might remember from the very, very wet Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. At least I think it was the Gloriana – I don’t think  there are many of these just floating about in London these days.



The view back along the river, towards the City. It was beginning to cloud over quite a bit by this point, so I think we timed our return very well.


My ‘faithful steed’ for the afternoon, my Brompton. Now including a new handle to lift it more easily when in the folded position. Works like a charm and adds next to no weight. I also attached some ‘easy wheels’ to the rear for wheeling it when folded. They make a big difference, so I’m looking forward to trying this out in a more applied setting – e.g. a railway station or shop.

All in all, a lovely couple of hours by the river – reminding me how lucky I am to live in this part of town.

London in the sun: can’t be beat!

5 comments on “Meandering by the river

  1. stevemorton

    How is your knee recovering? Still building back up to full fitness I guess?

    Lovely weather here as well yesterday, too hot almost.


  2. That’s an interesting little handle you’ve got on the Brompton there.


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