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Getting my geek on…

Catching up with some reading and watching, geek-style. Owing to a particularly busy work-week, I have a stack of excellent comics awaiting me. I’m particularly interested to see how ‘Original Sin‘ pans out after last issue’s cliffhanger ending.

I spent some remaining iTunes vouchers on the latest season of Falling Skies (never seen this one) and the uncut version of World War Z. Amazingly (for me) haven’t watched WWZ since I saw it in the cinema – even though I enjoyed it immensely. Even though it was very, very different to the book – which is also excellent.

I’m also tearing through The Martian, which has kept me hooked this week and made my very uncomfortable flight home from Newquay (turbulence, screaming toddlers and obese passenger next to me) a lot more bearable. Recommended to anyone who likes their sci-fi grounded in hard science. There are no monsters or aliens in this – just one ingenious NASA astronaut, trying to survive the inhospitable environment on Mars. I’m actually learning about the science behind both space travel and how we might live on other planets.

While also learning that, despite childhood dreams, I am in no way whatsoever cut out for life in space. The toilet arrangements alone are enough to put me off…

Meanwhile, I’m bracing myself for the second half of Season 4 of Game of Thrones. I’m incredibly late to this particular party, thanks to my deep dislike of all things fantasy. I heard it involved dragons and so neatly filed it away as a waste of time. Boy was I wrong. GOT is fantastic – intrigue, murder, battles, more intrigue, swords, nudity and assassinations. What more could a boy ask for? (And I haven’t even mention the multiple hotties that appear regularly, or the gratuitous nudity neatly sprinkled throughout.)

I’ve worked hard to avoid all spoilers, so please… no spoilers! I’m also considering what will replace this as my go to show until it reappears next year. I’m considering re-watching Battlestar Galactica from the beginning. That was equally watchable and addictive, as I recall.

Yep. Definitely suffering from some pre-season-ending angst.

Advice from some other GOT fans would be most welcome.

8 comments on “Getting my geek on…

  1. Try ‘Penny Dreadful’ if you’re looking for another series to watch. Very Dark, very gothic. Sort of ‘Ripper Street’ meets ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’.


  2. I suggest reading the books. Everyone seems to be so against that, but I’m guessing it’s just because they don’t want to take the time. Trust me — if you like the show, you’ll love the books.


  3. Hi Mac – just found your blog, looks fun I think I will check it out often.

    I’m glad to hear you are enjoying The Martian. I recently started a book review blog, and have been meaning to get around to reading it. The concept – an astronaut gets stuck on Mars, seems interesting. Is it redundant since the Gravity film or does it hold its own? Well anyway, now that you mentioned you enjoyed it I’ll have to step it up and find the time to read it.

    Glad to hear you are enjoying Game of Thrones. Valor Marghoulis – Margolis? I have no idea. Keep watching.


  4. I avoided Song of Ice and Fire MOSTLY because of the fantasy/ dragons theme but so because most of the books are 1500 pages…of fantasy/ dragons. What could be WORSE?

    SOUAF truly a superior to GoT but for the squeamish, I say stuck with GOT!

    If you want far MORE twists and darkness, the novels are just strikingly better. I’m regularly annoyed by the CHANGES (not just omissions). Oh well.

    I’m glad after the first season of GOT I ponied up and started reading. The 1st book was consumed in 1 week – a work week! I liked it THAT much.

    I’ll only complain about Mr. Martin’s obsession with FOOD. ‘Skip a bit, Brother.’


    • Looks like I’m going to have to read the books 🙂

      I’m thinking I might get them for when we travel to Japan in September – good for the long flights etc. I have such a backlog of reading materials right now, the last thing I need are more *massive*novels.


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