Returning to WordPress…?

After a 6 month stint over at, I’m thinking of moving back to WordPress full time. I’ve been blogging just as much as before – maybe even a little more – but I’m finding the limitations where it comes to look and feel more and more annoying.

On the upside, I did learn a lot about writing using Markdown 🙂

Unfortunately, there’s no simple way to carry over the last 6 months of content to this blog, so it’ll take me a while to copy and paste from Evernote. The trials and tribulations of being a promiscuous blogger. I can’t stay faithful to one platform for long.

So I need to make sure my content is portable.

Lesson learnt.

Until next time.

4 comments on “Returning to WordPress…?

  1. ‘I’ll follow you where you may gooooo….’

    I still like WP even though it’s no Vox.

    I had to refollow you AS mt since RealMe still exists BUT empty, as I migrated it all quite painfully to mt.

    There is that.


  2. stevemorton

    Welcome back… I can comment again. 🙂


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