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Back in the saddle again…

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It’s official

The experiment is over. I’ve officially handed in my Android club membership card and come crawling back to Apple like the boyfriend who has come to his senses after a crazy fling.

Kind of.

A quick update: After getting about three hours sleep on Thursday night/Friday morning, I was less than my bright, Wildean self at work on Friday. Yes, I had slipped into some high quality insomnia. on Friday morning, I basically dragged myself through a couple of meetings and then skipped lunch to get back outdoors so I could keep moving around in the sun.

I was not far off looking and sounding like a zombie. Albeit a well-dressed zombie.

I didn’t have a massive list of things to get done yesterday afternoon, so I “treated” myself to making a series of phone calls while walking through the 25C sunshine in London. It was glorious. I walked and walked, talked and talked, then suddenly found myself…just five minutes from the Apple Store on Regent Street.

What’s a boy to do?!

Making my excuses

I’d already made up my mind to go back to iOS and had “played” with iPhones and iPads while in shops last weekend, which only served to remind me of what I’d missed. Zippy responsiveness, a solid feel to the device and far, far less weight to carry around in my little pockets.

An incredibly short time later and I was on my way down the street with a new iPhone 5S in my bag.

In the interim, I had quite the chat with an Apple Store employee about my brief dalliance with Android and why I’m coming back. I was – to be honest – embarrassed, but he said it happens all the time to men of a certain age. They get bored with their old dependable, which has served them so well, then waste their time and money on a new model, hoping it will make them feel younger.

There’s initial excitement at all the flash experiences and they mix with a whole new set of friends…but eventually they realise what a horrible mistake they’ve made and come home.

At least I think we were taking about phones…

He was almost as excited as me at the thought of a new iPhone in my hand. And we briefly touched on iOS 8 and all the glorious functionality it will bring. Interestingly, he was most excited about the increased opening up of the OS to third-party developers. I meanwhile shared my geekish excitement at the increased cooperation between Apple desktop and mobile devices.

Yes. A typical (for me) Friday afternoon conversation.

And so to bed

The fact that I had to make several more work calls using my Note 3 yesterday was a source of frustration, I can tell you. I didn’t have time to get the new phone set up before I finished up work. For those few hours, the Note 3 seemed like the worst phone in the world.

Relatively speaking.

Which illustrates just how easily I’m influenced and how little patience I have.

I crashed in bed to catch up on much needed sleep at about 7:30pm. Sad, I know. But there’s only so much sleep I can do without. As I lay there, desperately trying to keep my eyes open, I quickly set up my new iPhone, downloading old, beloved apps and getting used to the difference in size.

Seriously. I feel like I’m using a toy phone now. I was so used to the mammoth Samsung Note 3, I forgot what “normal” mobile phones are like. In comparison, the iPhone 5 is so light, but at the same time feels solid in the hand.

The Samsung was, in contrast, heavier but also more….plasticky? Is that a word?

So, what next?

I’ve been thinking about how sad it is (relatively speaking, from a First World perspective, obviously) that there isn’t yet a combination of the two phones. With the flexibility of the OS and the larger screen of the Note 3 and the build quality and usability of the iPhone 5S.

I’m confident Apple will at some point some out with a larger iPhone, probably later this year. After using an enormous Note 3, I’d be happy with a 5-inch iPhone (or thereabouts) as long as it was a little thinner in profile.

So. Back in the Apple camp. But now knowing so much more about Android. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot (and spent a lot!) but know that I’ve made the right decision.

Hello iPhone. Nice to see you again.

Hello eBay. Here’s some Samsung stuff…

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  1. Been there, done that : )


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