A return to the fold


It would seem that a good sleep (and some trawling of the tech press websites and blogs) has helped me make my mind up. I appear to have decided to leave my Android days behind me and return like some form of gadget prodigal song to the loving bosom of Apple.

I hope they’ll have me back.

As is my way, I’ll hold my hand up and admit when I’ve got it wrong. I honestly thought I’d be happier with an Android device. And I have been – in part. My Android Note 3 is beautiful – it has a fantastic screen, a super-powerful battery and a handy stylus for text entry. It’s perfect for watching video podcasts on the go.

On the other hand, it’s ginormous and is a little glitchy. (That’s a technical term). At least once a day, the operating system does something I don’t expect, including hanging on apps and/or crashing while I’m typing. When the latter occurs while writing an extra long email and the draft is lost, it’s not much fun.

I previously critiqued the Apple ecosystem for being too restrictive – but you know what? I can’t recall my iPhone ever crashing while I was trying to use it. I guess, for me at least, I’m happy to have something that’s more restrictive but more reliable.

I’ve seen what Apple has in store for iOS and I like what I see. It looks more useful, less restrictive and more joined up with my Apple laptop/iMac (e.g. Airdrop file transfer). Apple appears to be moving from their position of “shut up, give us your money – we know best” to something more akin to “okay, we get it – here’s what you’ve been moaning about”. A step in the right direction.

For a much clearer and well-reasoned take on this development, check out Andy Ihnatko’s excellent piece. Andy moved to Android last year (Yes! I gasped too!) and now, thanks to iOS8, he’s considering a return to Apple too.

I’m not alone.


Easily led, but not alone.

Now to find a way of swapping out my Note 3 for a new iPhone.

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