Apple iOS

Tempted. Very tempted.

Oooh that Apple WWDC keynote presentation was interesting. In one fell swoop they addressed a ton of my frustrations with both OS X Mavericks and iOS. Not all of them, mind you.

And we didn’t see any new iPhones or iPads, either.

But still. iOS 8 looks amazing and OS X Yosemite seems like it’s simply gobbling up all the functionality of other separate apps, but presenting them in a unified shell. Sure, if I was one of the app developers, I’d be a tad annoyed. But I’m not – I’m a consumer and I’m thrilled to see Apple listening to user feedback.

And yet here I am toting a Samsung Note 3 and a Nexus 7. Not an iOS device in sight. (Unless you count those of @FrankDJS…) So what’s a gadget addict to do?

Might this mark a potential return of MacPsych to the world of iOS? It was only a couple of months ago that I confidently walked away from it, into the loving embrace of Android. But now I’m genuinely intrigued at the direction Apple is taking, which looks more open, more flexible and more likely to play nicely with other apps and systems.

This gadget nerd needs some time to consider his options, before accidentally blowing a silly amount of money on replacement Apple gear. But first, some dinner…

Watch this space.

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