Quick comics catch-up


As mentioned in recent posts, work has had me doing a lot of running around lately. This has unfortunately impacted my consumption of excellent comics. Work has a tendency to do that…work and I are going to have harsh words one of these days.

But a couple of early nights in hotel bedrooms allowed me to catch up a little and I’m glad I made the effort. It’s really interesting how I’ve gone fro being a dyed-in-the-wool X-Men fanboy to someone who now looks forward to each new issue of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ like a labrador pup waiting for its owner to come home.

So what am I reading now?

I’m really enjoying the new Iron Fist series. The art and story are impressive and we’re going right back to Iron Fist’s roots. It’s a great jumping-on point for new readers as his origin is neatly summarised in issue #1. Iron Fist’s previous solo series was excellent, so I have great hopes for this one.

Guardians of the Galaxy continues to impress. The dynamic between the characters is fun and Peter Quinn’s attraction to Kitty Pryde could make for some excellent future cross-over stories. Any team that features a wise-cracking alien raccoon and a talking tree is going to be fun, right? The art is great, the stories action-packed and I anticipate it will just get better in the lead up to the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film.

The definitely NSFW Sex Criminals from Image comics is fantastic! I won’t spoil it but can definitely recommend it. Imagine if you could stop time around you – what would you get up to? But imagine if the only way for you to stop time was to have sex? It’s written by Matt Fraction  who also wrote the Hawkeye series that made me go google-eyed.

It’s smart, funny and built for laughs.

Right now, the various X-Men comics are quite frankly boring me. I’m definitely suffering from Wolverine overdose (never thought that would be possible!) and find myself feet firmly planted in the Avengers camp. The Avengers stable of comics is going from strength to strength. My favourite of these is Mighty Avengers, the Avengers’ “street level” team featuring some heavy-hitting bruisers like Luke Cage.

Finally, I’ve really enjoyed Superior Spider-Man which recently came to an end. I loved how Dan Slott tied up many loose ends but started the new Amazing Spider-Man series with Peter Parker picking up many awkward pieces of his life after his identity was hijacked.

Comics fans’ visceral reaction to Slott’s run on Superior was hilarious. He knew what he was doing from the get go and took Spidey fans on a wild ride. I’ve definitely recommend picking up the trade paperbacks to enjoy the 31 issues in “big gulps”.

You won’t be disappointed.

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