The wiener takes it all

Now that title has to be my pun of the week.

This week saw me travel through six airports, visit three Scandinavian cities and enjoy two Eurovision Song Contest semi-final shows. All of this is leading up to tomorrow’s Eurovision final at 8pm (UK time).

Now it you’ve never encountered the Eurovision before (which particular rock have you been living under?) or weren’t aware there have already been two semi-finals, let me bring you bang up to date.

There is only one thing you need to know about tomorrow’s show:


Conchita Wurst, to be precise.

In Conchita, Austria may well have their first Eurovision winner since 1867 (or thereabouts), as well as a win which represents an enthusiastic two-fingered salute to Europe’s less salubrious right wing tossers.

Putting sexual politics to one side, Conchita is an amazing performer and the song is stonking. A big, bold and brassy Bond theme deserving of all the points.

All of them.

So if you’re watching tomorrow night (and even if you’re not) please consider sending your vote Austria’s direction.

Here’s a preview of the performance – Conchita was totes amazeballs live on stage last night and will hopefully blow the socks off Europe tomorrow night.


Altogether now, “Riiiiiiiiise like a phoenix!”

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