Evernote on your wrist?

Pebble’s announcement of an Evernote app for their smart watch has piqued my interest.

I think Pebble is the standout winner (so far) in the battle of the smart watches, due to a combination of usability and battery life. Cost is obviously a factor too.

Now they’ve opened an app store and one of the biggest names to announce an integration is Evernote  As readers of this blog will know, I basically live in Evernote and the ability to have lists and notes appear on my watch would be really, really useful.

This might just push me over the edge into buying a Pebble.

Except for the pervasive iWatch rumours and my all-encompassing need to buy everything Apple launches. However, Pebble is available for $150 (about £90, with free shipping). I can’t see Apple launching an iWatch for anything less than twice that price.

What would make a smart watch attractive to you?

For me, it would need:

  • A reasonable form factor, looking more like a watch than a small PDA strapped to my arm

  • Battery life that lasts several days at a time before a recharge

  • Integration with my iPhone

  • A selection of apps that play nice with the services I use everyday

Pebble can tick all of these boxes.


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