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A day to remember

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary since @FrankDJS and I had our civil partnership. Between family and friends, we just refer to it as our wedding, even though in the eyes of the law, that’s not strictly true. For now.

Just like on our wedding, we celebrated it the way we wanted to, which is obviously not to everyone’s tastes. It started with a 7am gym workout.

You read that right.

We were both wide awake and looking round like meerkats since 6am. I have no idea why (and the same thing happened this morning…) so we decided to make the best of the situation and go get some exercise.

After a chilled out breakfast and some general lazing about, we went out for a fab lunch at Benihana at St. Paul’s. We both love Japanese food and this place didn’t disappoint. They cook right at your table and we enjoyed a lovely sesame chicken dish, preceded by a beef and mushroom broth and a delicious ginger salad.

Nom noms, for sure.

Evernote Camera Roll 20140309 074306

We then basically walked from there to the West End, where we had a wander through Soho and revisited the scene of our very first date – well over a decade ago.

Back then, through the mists of time, it was called “Manto” and was a pretty nice gay bar and restaurant. The kind of place you could bring your mother to demonstrate that not all gay bars represented a venn diagram between alcohol, Kylie and anonyous sex.

Now, it’s called the G-A-Y bar and is rougher and dirtier than the average student union bar. Despite our misgivings, we weren’t the oldest people there!

All the same, we didn’t linger…

But it was more than a little sad to see such a change in the place. To be honest, part of me had expected a ‘blue plaque’ on the wall outside, listing the site as the place where we first met.

I guess people don’t respect the past like they used to…

What followed was a lovely walk between our favourite places in town, all the while basking in the sun. Yesterday, it would appear, Spring arrived in London. Locals and tourists alike gawped at the sky and pointed quizzically at the sun.

We took in the remainder of Soho, dipping in and out of the shops, followed by the requisite visit to Selfridges and a wander through Jermyn St.

By the time we made it home yesterday evening – bearing in mind ‘d been in the gym at 7am – I’d walked over 18,000 steps (according to my Fitbit), which went some way to address the calorie intake at lunch and the random carrot cake I managed to ingest at one point.

More than that, the combination of exercise and sun left us both feeling great. One of those days that is imprinted on the mind, like a memorable day at the beach. Or a win at the Eurovision.

Thanks to everyone for the best wishes expressed via the various social networks – I can’t believe it’s been a year either!

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