Half-Marathon Running

Baby steps

I went for my first post-knee surgery run last night. It was definitely a case of dipping my toe in the water and, as per my physio’s advice, I started on the treadmill.

One minute of gentle running, alternated with one minute of walking. I kept that up for 15 mins, but only after doing all of my leg strengthening exercises and some limbering up on the stationery bike.

On the one hand, it felt amazing to be running again. A real mood booster. On the other hand, I noticed that I was running so tentatively, it wasn’t natural. I suppose it’ll take some time before I’m confident again.

I’ve spent the last few months worrying about the recovery of my knee, but now that I can walk again without any problems and have pretty much full strength back in the surrounding muscles, it’s time to move things up a notch.

My legs (both of them!) are a little stiff this morning, but I suppose that’s to be expected. I haven’t used them to move faster than a walk in months! A nice brisk walk to and from work today will sort all that out.

Interestingly, flying in the face of all of my experience, I’ve come to fall in love with the exercise bike. So I’m going to alternate that with gentle runs on the treadmill for the moment, saving outdoor runs for the coming weeks when it all feels a bit more natural.

I threw my hat in the ring for this year’s Royal Parks Half-marathon – should find out tomorrow if I have a place. That would be a great goal to work towards. It’s my favourite ever half and the scene of my fastest run (1:42). I’m unlikely to break any records, but it’s good to have a race to work towards.

Onwards and upwards!

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