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Flirting with Samsung

I popped into Selfridges at the weekend to pick up a couple of things on my shopping list. As as become my habit, I swung by the technology section in the basement to ogle the super-high-definition TVs and fantasise about owning a home big enough to accommodate one of these monster screens.

While there, I also fondled a few mobile phones.

I’m strange like that.

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time considering a move to Android so I can get a larger screen phone. Weighing up the various pros and cons, I’ve decided to stay with Apple (sorry, Android fans). But it didn’t stop me playing around with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

For a not insubstantial period of time.

Seriously, if Apple could make a handset as big and light as this, I’d queue up overnight to get one. The screen was beautiful and the combination of touchscreen and stylus, was for me, a winner. I could see myself living in Evernote on a screen that big. And of course, using it to blog here, via

I know not everyone likes such large phones… or ‘phablets’. But it’s something I’ve wanted for a while. And the iPhone 6 rumours continue to focus (inconsistently) on an increased screen size, adding to my interest.

For now, a larger screen is just a pipe dream (or available in a mobile phone store with very patient staff).

For everyone else, I think Apple could win them over with a scratch-proof screen and an all-day battery. It shouldn’t be beyond Apple. It really shouldn’t.

But the iPhone 6 will really need to have more than that to stem any stream of Apple users moving to Android for bigger screens.

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