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Taking the long way home

Yesterday’s workday started with a cracker of a headache and I’m afraid it only got worse as the day progressed. I basically gave up at 5pm and decided to get the hell out of dodge. I couldn’t face the tube…the smell, the crowds, the noise.

So I started walking.

I was partly walking to avoid the tube and de-stress and partly to get my FitBit steps in. As I still can’t run and I don’t have a bike yet, walking is my main (only?) form of exercise.

My main observation? Simple.

You see so much more of London when you stroll above ground. I walked the relatively short distance between Tottenham Court Road and Bank and in that time:

  • Saw some cracking road-rage between aggressive cyclists and equally aggressive bus drivers
  • Spotted some very lovely Bromptons, which I am lusting after until I get my own
  • Came across two food outlets I want to visit when I have more time (hint: burritos)
  • Strolled across Paternoster Square and through the grounds of St Paul’s cathedral, enjoying the relative peace and quietBy the time I got to Bank station, my headache had almost disappeared.


It felt good.

Walk it. See the city. Avoid the stinky pits. Skip a station or three. At least until it starts to rain.

As for me, I got more than my 10,000 steps in. I also composed this post in my head (and quickly jotted it down into Evernote while on the DLR) and arrived home in a significantly better mood than when I left work.

Glad Spring is on the way. More walking to come…


Evernote Camera Roll 20140227 190358

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