Great Mobile Phone News

I managed to see the first few minutes of Samsung’s new flagship phone launch on Monday evening and was delighted to find I have absolutely no interest in the Samsung S5.

While this is not good news for Samsung (though I’m sure they can survive without me), it’s good news for me. Recently, I’ve been getting mobile phone “itchy feet”, frustrated at the lack of innovation by Apple.

The last thing I need right now is to fall in love with a kick-ass Android smartphone and have to move to a completely different eco-system.

How’s that for a First World Problem?

The Samsung S5 did nothing for me. I didn’t feel even a shiver of anticipation. Nada. Even their new smart watches (or whatever they’re called) left me cold. So I’m sticking with my iPhone 5s for the moment.

That said, I’m still hoping for a 5-inch iPhone 6 in the coming year. I’m bored of playing with big screened competitors in mobile phone shops. If Apple don’t deliver, then… I’m seriously considering moving to a Nexus 5 or a Samsung Note 3.

And that’s before Apple launch an iWatch or Google launch Google Glass in the UK. I could seriously go for Google Glass…

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