The After: Oh dear


Just watched the pilot episode of Amazon’s new series, “The After”.

For something that showed some promise in the first 20 minutes, it quickly descended into painting-by-numbers television. With characters so shallow they’d be more suited to the background of most TV series, it was really cringe-worthy stuff.

Set after an as-yet unnamed apocalyptic disaster, we follow eight characters as they try to survive as society comes crashing down around them.

The characters were stereotypes of the worst order. We had the predictable:

  • “Angry Black Guy”
  • “Rich Old White Lady”
  • “Slimy Lawyer”
  • “Gutsy female cop”

And I’m saving most of my wrath for the Irish… oh, I’m sorry, I meant “Oirish” character. Aside from the fact he was unbelievably dislikable and brutish, his accent was appalling.

How hard is to find someone who can do a credible Irish accent?

Never mind that, how hard is it to find an actual Irish actor? They picked a Welsh guy for this, whose familiarity with a Dublin accent seems to be the result of watching a lot of Colin Farrell films and standing by the Welsh coast, hoping some inspiration will waft across the Irish Sea.

This is a character so stereotypically “Oirish” that he curses in every sentence, lusts after every woman he encounters and at one point, actually runs into gunfire, just to pick up a couple of bottles of wine. Because, you know, Irish people like to drink.

Awful, awful stuff.


Can’t believe this is from the pen of Chris Carter, who created the X-Files.

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