Decisions, decisions…

I took my second ‘test drive’ on a Brompton bike this evening. Longer than the first, I spent some time nipping around Canary Wharf on a bright orange M3L model.

No surprises – it was fast, responsive, comfortable and solid.  I also felt I was seated at a reasonable height – not being the tallest of people, I want to be visible and riding a bright orange Brompton will definitely do that!

It also tipped me into decision mode: I’m definitely getting one!

However, while fun and bright, I don’t think the orange is for me. It’s a little garish (no offence if you own one) so I’m plumping for black instead. You might call it ‘boring’, I call it ‘classic’.

I’ll probably pick it up next weekend, so I’m now making a list of the essentials for a London city cyclist, not least of which is a decent helmet. And a lock. And some lights.

Hmmm. This could get expensive, fast.

But in the absence of any long runs, due to my less-than-perfect knee, long cycles by the river will have to do until later in the summer.

For now, I’ll just spend some time looking at photos of Bromptons like this and sighing a little.


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