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An exceedingly good birthday

Like all good celebrations, my very own birthday celebrations extend over multiple days. I always aim to get maximum value of out this anniversary.

This year, I’m celebrating being another year older across three days. And the theme is food. We kicked off last night with a metric ton of fantastic fish and chips at the very wonderful Poppies in Spitalfields.

I may have been a trifle overambitious and definitely ordered more than I should have. Truly delicious cod and chips, with a side of beans. Oh, and a battered sausage. And dessert. Strictly speaking, the dessert doesn’t count as it was free – it being my birthday.

So that utterly divine Caramel Sticky Toffee Pudding had zero calories as it was taken off the bill. Now that’s science.

Tonight, I continued with an attack on the continually moving feast that is Yo! Sushi on Poland Street. Between the three of us, we did some damage, I can tell you.


On the way home, we popped into Selfridges ostensibly to stock up on Nespresso pods. I was waylaid by the Godiva counter and, before I knew it, I was ordering a bespoke bag of chocolate heaven.

I’m eating it now. With a coffee.

Tomorrow lunchtime, I return to one of my favourite haunts: Bodean’s  Home of (amongst other things) the Soho Special. An utterly mouth-watering combination of pulled pork, beef and BBQ sauce in a roll. I anticipate consuming an unhealthy amount of slow-cooked meat and then falling asleep in front of the Six Nations rugby.

Because I’m now officially old.

(Thanks to all who sent me kind messages on the various social media channels I haunt.)

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