Adventures in Epilepsy

So my most-unwelcome epilepsy made another poorly-timed appearance this afternoon.


Two complex partial seizures while I was trying to work. Two seizures which left me unable to read or write for several minutes at a time. Leaving me with a stinking seizure “hangover”. And not a little frustrated.

As I’ve mentioned before, my epilepsy is triggered by both sleep disturbance and stress. And I’ve had both in the last week, so I’m not exactly surprised. Just annoyed.

All the same, it was frustrating to have to drop out of an important client call and, having passed out on the sofa in my office for a while, cancel another meeting at rudely short notice.

Thankfully, people are understanding and no harm was done. Except damage to my pride and my productivity – the latter half of this afternoon was a write-off, work-wise. Luckily, I was working from home today, so I was able to pick up again once I’d had some dinner.

Other reasons to be cheerful:

  • I didn’t have a seizure in public or in front of a client

  • I wasn’t on the phone at the time

  • I didn’t go “walkabout” like I’ve done previously

  • I wasn’t home alone and was looked after by @FrankDJS (again!)

Very glad tomorrow is Friday.

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