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NutriBullet Experiments


Yesterday, I finally unpacked my new NutriBullet and got making some fresh smoothies. The results, I’m happy to say, were delicious. We had to brave a supermarket on a Saturday morning to stock up with some of the required ingredients first.

It’s not that we don’t normally have lots of fruit and veg in the house – I just wanted to get some specifics, based on the ingredients I read about in the recipe book sent with the NutriBullet. As ever, we ended up over-buying (see photo above). But now we have enough fuel for days…

One of the first great things to point out about this gadget is that is extremely easy to make several different smoothies in quick succession. It comes with various cups, each of which attaches directly to the machine itself. So between creations, all you need to do is rinse the blade to avoid cross-contaminatin of flavours.

And that’s only if it bothers you!

I’m fussy like that.

As gift-giver, @FrankDJS was first to benefit and I made him a apple, strawberry, orange, mango and pineapple concoction. I added just a little water to the fruit before blitzing and the resulting drink was… delicious. A little on the sweet side for me if I’m honest. But just the kind of thing he likes.

I went on to create one of the more savoury recipes: a mix of fresh spinach leaves, carrots and ginger. I *love* ginger, so added a good thumb-sized chunk. The drink looked vile – there’s no getting away from that. Like a sample dredged from a swamp.

That’ll be the spinach. But the taste… wow. I love carrot and ginger juice when I can get it. But this was thicker, tastier and much more filling.

The difference between this machine and every juicer I’ve ever owned: the lack of waste. Most juicers leave you with a ton of skin, pulp and other rubbish to get rid of. This machine blends it all. There is no “rubbish bin”. Everything goes in.

So no need to peel the carrots or apples. Just wash, roughly cut and throw in. That means it’s quicker to use and clean. Which means – for me – it’ll be more likely to be used. My last juicer was such a pain to set up and clean that I can remember both times it was unpacked and used.

I also remember how little juice it managed to extract from carrots and the pile of “waste” left behind each time. Probably most of the fibre and a good percentage of the vitamins, now that I think of it.

I’ll finish with my third experiment. Something I read about when I was first thinking about getting one of these machines. A combination of banana, peanut butter and almond milk.

Words fail me.

I could have had seven of these. So tasty and so filling. Two bananas, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a splash of almond milk. The latter is very low in fat (it’s the unsweetened kind), has fewer calories than even skimmed milk, but has lots of calcium.

But the bottom line is that is makes for a very lovely banana and peanut butter milkshake.

Admittedly I’d had a large lunch, but these two drinks were all I had for dinner and I waddled off to bed still full and not even thinking of eating a snack. If you knew me, you’d know how odd this is.

So I’m looking forward to more fruit and vegetable experiments today.

And yes. there may be more banana and peanut butter delights.


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