Epilepsy Life

In need of a weekend

This week has been…demanding. I’m now facing the weekend with a kind of weary exhaustion that means I need sleep. And lots of it. Or I’ll experience another bout of epileptic seizures.

Which are to be avoided at all costs.

Friday nights used mean going to the pub for a few hours and then maybe out for dinner.

These days, it’s more about getting home and collapsing. If I’m very lucky, it means not falling asleep while watching TV.

What happened?

I got older, that’s what.

Yesterday’s world day started at 5:30am and didn’t end until after 11pm. In that time, I evaded the London Underground strike in the morning, went to Cheltenham and back and ran a workshop on Emotional Intelligence.

And I’m ironically aware that my own ability to manage my own emotions is suffering right now. All due to fatigue.

I know, I know. I’m not digging ditches or sweeping the streets. It could be worse. But it’s where I am now. This weekend calls for relaxation, physical exercise and more relaxation. And some planning, to avoid this happening again.

I’m still unable to run, so it’ll be some light walking/jogging on the treadmill instead.

And maybe a sauna will help me sleep…

But first: food. I’ve just realised I’ve haven’t eaten since this morning. And that was a coffee! I’m like a textbook case of someone who needs coaching.

Maybe I should turn some of my advice on myself for a change?

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